Save on Applied Costs and Assembly Time
•     IZSI comes with accessories (e.g. filter drier, sight glass and moisture indicator, electrical contactor) thus simplifying component sourcing
•     Consistent quality achieved through factory built Condensing Unit

CoreSenseTM for Copeland Scroll Compressors
•     Low temperature operation reliability due to Liquid Injection Technology
•     Onboard control for Liquid Injection by sensing Discharge Line Temperature (DLT)
•     Direct communication function by using LED inside CoreSenseTM

Wide Range Operating Envelope
•     LT to MT from -30°C to 5°C evaporating temperature
•     Low temperature operation reliability by CoreSenseTM
•     Reduced inventory levels due to wide range application

Qualified for R404A, R134a*, R407*
•     Multi refrigerants capability

Scroll Efficiency and Reliability
•     COP improvement leads to annual electrical savings of 10–30% as compared with reciprocating systems
•     70% fewer moving parts than reciprocating
•     Superior liquid handling

Smooth Scroll Movement
•     Low sound and vibration leading to computable operation


IZSI Scrool Condensing Unit


IZSI Indoor Scroll Condensing Unit Key Product Advantages


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