Feature Customer Relationship Management

Task and Project

Customer Relationship Management has project management and activities features to delegate tasks and activities to your team. You can create a group to discuss and share about the project your team is working on. You can easily track the length of the project and tasks can be integrated into the company's calendar.

Social Intranet

Customer Relationship Management is designed to make communication easier as easy as accessing facebook and communicating with your colleagues. Now imagine communicating with your colleagues in one company like communicating via facebook. Customer Relationship Management provides task management tools, document sharing, and time organization so that work efficiency and communication get better. Use Customer Relationship Management in your office and anywhere with iOS and android apps

Document Management

Share your document into Customer Relationship Management so it can be accessed by the team within your company. Presentations, documents, videos, etc can be downloaded for teamwork as well as personal data. You can easily search for documents with search features.

Mobile Application

The customer relationship management mobile app is used as a corporate intranet portal, mobile HRMS system. Simply install the app on android and iOS and your team can apply for leave, create a work report, create a schedule of activities wherever they are using their smartphone.


You can easily coordinate your team schedule with synchronization features through outlook, android, or iPhone, etc. Use the reminder feature to remind events. Share your activity calendar on iPhone, iPad, or android.

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