High efficiency heat exchanger 
Capacity design for maximizing the heat transfer relative to the energy consumption of the fan 
Tube and tube coupling design for low pressure drop in the coil on the media sides (maximum 100KPa at water designing condition) 
The Greenha;gh thermodynamic and aerodynamic designing software is long year tested and proved in Germany 

Greenhalgh chooses only low specific energy consumption fans 
Fan nozzle designs for maximum air flow and air throw 
Our fans from the world’s leading manufacturer are practically proved to be reliable in operation and long lasting 
Motor: protection class IP 54 and Insulation class F 
Air separator for each fan 

We facilitate you to meet HACCP 
We facilitate you to have a long lasting ang low maintenance operation 
Durable material and rigid enciosure with hard gloss powder coated finish 
Protective enclosure for both manifolds and U-bends 
Unit designs for outdoor installation 
100% leakage tested at 31 bar 

Coil design for refrigerants: water, oil, glycol 
Multiple circuits 
Sub-Cooling circuits 
Stainless steel or aluminium casing 
Coated aluminium or copper fins 
Explosion proof motor 
Customized fin spacing 

Catalogue rating condition 
Relative Humidity 40% 
Atmosphere pressure 1 bar (sea level) 
20% glycol, water and oil SAE30 apply for 45°C ambient temperature, oil SAE10 apply for 40°C ambient temperature

Dry Cooled Fin Spacing 2.2mm


Dry Cooler D2 Series


Dry Cooler D2 Series (137.04 – 919.99 KW)


Jakarta Utara, Indonesia