Sate Ratu
Sate Ratu

Sate Ratu

The International and Local Tourists Favorite.

Jogja Paradise Food Court Jalan Magelang KM 6, Kota Yogyakarta Di Yogyakarta 50000
+62 815 5556 666
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Managed By Yuardi Bisatya

Yuardi Bisatya


Sate Ratu

Sate Ratu located in Jogja Paradise Food Court JL. Magelang KM. 6 Sleman, Yogyakarta (in front of The Rich Hotel). With it's signature dish of red chicken satay, this special Indonesian skewer joint use very unique approach to its flavor and spices compares to other similar places, presently this casual Warung (an Indonesian word for traditional cafe) has been visited by guest from 83 different countries.

Our Signature Dish

  • Sate Ayam Merah, With the special cut on premium chicken specific cut, large cut, marinated in Sate Ratu’s secret recipe spices, grilled without touching the metal on the grill, this method produces a tender, juicy, and ultra delicious sate
  • Sate Kanak, The less spicy version of Sate Merah
  • Lilit Basah, Steamed ground chicken served with our unique soup, sliced cucumber and fried shallots resulted on unique, authentic, and out of ordinary delicacy. a form of transformation inspired by Sate Lilit from Bali
  • Ceker Tugel, Chicken feet processed in “ TUGEL TUGEL” cooked for 13 hours in spices and traditional Javanese Sauce, delivered an exotic, spicy and melt in your mouth end result on our special delicacy.

We also won some awards, there are :

  • BEKRAF Food Start up Indonesia, 2018, BIG 100
  • Bango Penerus Warisan Kuliner, 2018, BIG 22
  • UNILEVER Food Solution NGULIK RASA 2019 Kategori Sate, 2019, WINNER.

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Indonesian, Asian
Lunch, Dinner
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