High Efficiency Heat Exchanger  
Capacity design according to the most popular compressor size in this range. Fin and tube design for maximizing the sensible capacity and minimizing the latent heat and frost losses in balance with a cost efficient heat transfer coefficiency. The Greenhalgh thermodynamic and aerodynamic designing software is long year tested and proved in Germany.
Greenhalgh chooses only low specific energy consumption fans. Fan nozzle designs for maximum air flow and air throw. Our fans from the world’s leading manufacturer are practically proved to be reliable in operation and long lasting. Motor: protection class IP 54 and Insulation class F.
Greenhalgh defrost
5mm fin spacing for high temperature and 4.2mm fin spacing for medium temperature and 6.0~8.5mm for low temperature ensure a good cooling capacity during a 8 hours cycle under typical humid conditions.  Capacity of the defrost heater is according to the thermodynamic calculation of the latent heat and frost energy related a 8 hours defrost cycle. Robust stainless steel electric heater with high isolation cable connections to meet UL-SA5102 and CSA-LR18489 standards and ensure the safety of the equipment. 100% factory tested at full load and immersed in water tank to minimize the maintenance effort. Heater wired to electric terminal box suitable for wet conditions (standard IP 66) and low temperature (tested at 40).
Customize fin spacing  
Coil for Glycol operations


Evaporator E4 Series


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